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Dries and irons in a single operation directly from a high speed spin washer extractor.

  • Front feeding and return of the linen.
  • Microprocessor with 7 preset speeds of ironing.
  • Single roll ø 500 mm in polished steel.
  • Single roll.
  • Working width 2.000, 2.600 and 3.300 mm.
  • Stainless steel panels.
  • Motor with speed inverter.
  • Built-in cool down system.
  • Feeding and ironing by Nomex bands.
  • Double emergency stops: hands safety bar and front emergency push button.
  • Heating protectionb y 2 thermostats.
  • Electric, steam or gas heated.
  • Two versions of gas heated models:
  1.  Gas model with atmospheric burner.
  2. NEW gas model with radiant burner.
  • 25% gas consumption savings and 25% more production.
  • CE, ETL and gas certifications.

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